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Questions from Parent/Whānau Evening

Questions from Parent/Whānau Evening
May 2016

Qu 1. Is MLP right for Yr 0/1 kids? Our kids were daunted by it when starting. They needed security.
Each day begins in a child's home room and this is consistent across our school. Working in a collaborative environment is similar to the experience children have had prior to their school entry. Our pre-entry visits help to make the transition to school as smooth as possible for children and families. We value the link between home and school. These connections help to give all participants a sense of belonging.
Programmes and working structures are continually monitored as we strive to provide the best educational environment, within the resources we have, for all our children.
Currently nationwide we are going through significant changes in the way teaching and learning is reflected in educational settings. This can be daunting for us, as parents, because it challenges our traditional views of what schooling is and should look like. (Mrs Miles)

This is actually an ideal stage to introduce MLP, as for the students it is a continuation of many of the experiences they have encountered at preschool or kindergarten. Our teachers do their absolute best to make children’s transitions to school as smooth and positive as possible. (Mrs Monson)

Qu 2. It was mentioned that in the senior section of the school that devices are being used for everything all throughout the day. In regard to this are keyboarding skills being taught?

Not touch typing but instruction and help is given using various programmes. Formatting, using tables, cut and paste etc. The level of expertise across a class is huge and students happily pass on their knowledge to others. When someone has a problem someone else usually knows what to do. (Mrs Batchelor)

Qu 3. Are the teachers 100% behind it? They seem under pressure.

All teachers are actively working towards creating collaborative learning environments and embracing the opportunities this provides for our learners.

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